SpeedAndSpices was designed for everyone who loves good food. Here you will find recipes which are healthy, delicious, inexpensive and easy to make.

Almost all recipes are plant based. Some include seafood- that’s that “pesco in my vegan”. But whatever your lifestyle is, the diet you follow or food intolerances you might experience, SpeedAndSpices offers deliciousness for everybody! I can assure you that you will find your new favorite dish on here.

My focus is to show everybody that a healthy diet is simple and affordable. Cooking delicious and satisfying meals from scratch is fun and it doesn’t require being in the kitchen all day.

I believe that cooking should be fun and recipes simple. I choose not to cook meat and also substitute dairy products and eggs, so all of the recipes on SpeedAndSpices are plant based with an exception of just a few that contain fish. I believe in eating whole foods, which are foods that are as close to their source as possible.

This blog is all about celebrating good food—real, sustainable meals that delight the senses and nourish the body.

Why Pesco-Vegan?

There are many many studies showing that a plant based diet provides all the Vitamins & Nutrients a human body needs. It can save you from the most common cause of death – heart disease. They also show that animal protein can harm the human body and definitely does bad to the environment. After all the information I got about a plant based diet vs. eating meat & dairy it was my own decision to pursue a plant based diet with a side of fish starting in mid 2017.

After all I respect everyones outlooks on nutrition and their food choices, whether you eat meat & dairy or follow the strict vegan movement –with no excuses-. Just like everybody is entitled to their religious beliefs so are you to your diet. It’s not my intention to convert anybody into a different lifestyle. I’m only sharing my experiences and absolute favorite recipes.

The positive changes since going vegan:

  • feeling naturally energized
  • clear skin
  • discovering new food/ingredients
  • colorful meals
  • no sluggish/tired feeling after meals
  • no bloating
  • better sleep
  • less worries about getting sick

The negative changes and things I’m missing:

  • none and nothing



Here are a few links to my resources:

Interview: How a plant based diet reverses Heart Disease

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About me & my Fitness Journey

At the age of 4 I knew how to swim and I’ve been a very active person almost all throughout my life. It might be a coincidence that as a pesco-vegan WATER is my element. I’ve also experienced more of a unhealthy phase in my teenage years. Drinking on the weekends, smoking, fast food, never enough sleep and stressing about things that were simply out of my control. All that caused my body to gain weight and lose balance.

In my mid 20’s I’ve laid eyes on the fitness lifestyle again and used exercising out as my outlet. I felt more stress-free after a good workout, gained knowledge about the gym and the body and so I combined fitness with a healthy diet. Soon I felt better, stronger and leaner than ever before! But I wanted to know more..

So thought it was only right to obtain my personal trainer license and back it all up with a certification (through ISSA – International Sports Science Association) to one day support people reach their own personal fitness goals.

I know so many of you are curious about a healthy fitness lifestyle but don’t know how to get things going or are simply too caught up in your job to figure it out. What if I told you that it’s easy with my support and achieving your goals is absolutely realistic.

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So now this is me, a weight lifting lady with a desire for good food and a good book. A proud member of the #30minutestairgang. I dress mostly in khaki, the pineapple is my favorite emoji and #jessicaarevalo is my current biggest fitness inspiration. I’m anti-Facebook and I’m in shock when the front camera accidentally opens – happens every time! Watching Make-up-tutorials and FaceTiming my best friend is what I enjoy. Not to forget the pillow talk with my man- that’s the way to end a busy day.

Now, stop thinking about it- it’s impossible to kidnap me as I’m always surrounded by my awesome fur friends Jada & Monty

Cat Jada Laptop




(Food stylist, recipe creator, photographer and writer of SpeedAndSpices)