Sweet Potato and Banana Brownies

Sweet Potato & Banana Brownies

Who knows the feeling of wanting something sweet after a savory meal? Just imagine having these delicious brownies sitting in your fridge ready an prepped to satisfy your sweet cravings.…

Vegan Lentil and Walnut Burger
Main Dish Delish

Lentil and Walnut Burger

Let’s toast to the best Vegan Lentil and Walnut Burger full of flavor and deliciousness! *raises her cup of coffee and then realizes that it’s never too early in the morning…


Snack in a Jar

Need a Snack? 🤔 Okay guys- this recipe is almost too simple to post. And that’s exactly why it should be on my blog and accessible for all of you…

Main Dish Delish Snacks

Summer Rolls

Call em “Spring Rolls”, call em “Summer Rolls”.. Fact is: they’re the perfect all year round! They’re great for lunch or as a snack, depending on how many you have. Don’t be…

Main Dish Delish Salads

Tofu Salad

Would I do too much if I called this a TofuTastic SuperBowl? For this thrown together power salad all kinds of lettuce will do. Bright green, dark green, romaine, eisberg..…